On the 6th of June, 2016 Sanne Holtslag-Broekhof successfully defended her PhD-thesis Dealing with prive property of public purposes. An interdisciplinary study of landtransactions from a micro-scale perspective.

Her thesis studies how public organizations deal with private land. During publicly initiated land transactions, central aspects for landowners are a good solution and a feeling of justice. Ideas on just land acquisition are diverse amongst owners and acquirers, but were related to lawfullness, decentness and equality. During land transactions landowners experience many uncertianties. Landowners deal with these uncertainties by creating expectations and act based on these expectations. The risk to end without replacing land, stops many owners from going to court for expropriation. Yet, a comparison between the last compensation offer during the voluntary negotiations and the final compensation in court shows that the final compensation ends on average 52% higher than the last compensation offer.
Since the economic crisis public parties aim for more facilitative land policy, but have often little experience to cooperate with private landowners. The insights of this research help public parties to deal more effective and lawful with private property during spatial developments.

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The book includes the papers

Perceived (in)justice of public land acquisition

Understanding land transactions during land use change