A review by economist Ming Lo of the Department of Economics, St. Cloud State University

Evolutionary Governance Theory: Theory and Applications is not an easy read for economists. Theory, when narrowly defined, is a set of statements logically connecting the assumptions to the hypotheses that can be empirically examined. Evolutionary governance theory, or EGT as Raoul Beunen, Kristof van Assche and Martijn Duineveld (the editors of the book as well as authors of some chapters) abbreviate, is neither illogical nor anti-empiricist; it nevertheless follows a tradition more philosophically continental than most economists are accustomed to. Readers who are more comfortable with a different tradition but open-minded enough will no doubt benefit from the insights from this 350-page book and the collection of articles/chapters by twenty-three scholars from different fields of studies. What follows in the rest of this review is my reflection on EGT as an economist educated in the American system”.

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